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Esposing the Bias of the Liberal Left Media

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We are are a group of American citizens, a lot like many of you.

We love the America of the Constitution.

The America of self sufficiency, when public servants actually serve.

The America where right is right even if nobody is looking, and wrong is wrong whether or not anyone is looking.

This is America where pride of country and confidence in the character of individual Americans runs free across the fruited plain!

But our country has been infected by a liberal mindset that says big Government knows best.

And even worse is that the once noble and inquisitive press, has become the lap dog of the current Administration.

The free press, free to report.... no required to ask questions and investigate the actions of the Government place an invitation to an event, and being in the good graces of Government about doing the job that America expects of them.

A Government which is unaccountable, is one that is uncontrollable. So the Government carries out their systematic pillaging of our country why the liberal left press, stands idly by, parroting the Administration.s message, and never asking the difficult questions that lead to the truth.

So, here we will, independent of any party view, Democrat, or Republic, point out, the hypocrisy of the current Administration, and the complicity in the destruction of the America we we love, by the liberal press.

Most of our comments are presented in the Just Talking Here cartoons; An innovative, refreshing dialog between two "personalities" seeking better understanding of the news as reported, under reported, and unreported.