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All of the wrong Heroes 

On a recent trip to a large mid west city, I made an observation about people, and people or "characters" after whom they seem to model their lives. Актуальная информация sd card doesnt show up у нас.

In other words, it made me wonder about their Heroes.

You dress like your Hero. You act like your Hero. You talk like your Hero. You take your Hero's values as yours.

Look around! Look at numbers of people who sport more tatoos than hairs on their head.

Hear them talk? Slurring their words, and using gutter slang instead of proper use of the english language.

Look at their baggy pants, hoodies and wonder where their lost their belts?

So, just who are their Heroes?

Punks, criminals, gang bangers, rap artists.

What kind of life, will they live, with this kind of Hero? A loser's life. Waiting for someone to "show them respect". And then, they be be angry when they get no respect. Maybe they will play the knock out game. Or maybe they will just randomly shoot someone. Anything to gain respect. But they deserve only contempt!

After all, they are the ones who made the choice.

And that choice has led to All of the wrong Heroes.


Posted by Admin Sunday, December 08, 2013 2:00:00 PM Categories: Culture

Abuse of Power, Lies, cover-ups, cronyism, and general incompetance  

New claims of abuse of power! There are accusations that prior to the last Presidential election, just when Obama needed good job news since his record on almost everything was tanking,the good news arrived. The jobs report stated that for the first time in his presidency, went below 8%. Critics said; "Sounds Fishy". The Government said, well, we changed the way the calculation method was changed. But now we have whistle blowers coming forward, saying that they were told to "cook the books". In other words; lie and/or make up numbers that show improvement even if there is none.

This administration has several major identifying characteristics.

1. They lie compusively. You can keep your plan, your doctor, it will save money, offer better care. All blatant lies.

2. They abuse power. The IRS, NSA, etc

3. They cover up everything. Benghazi, etc.

4. The only people who make out with this administration is people who raise money for Democrats. They get cushy green contracts, and Gov contracts to build healthcare portals, and insider information to make money.

5. Nobody in the administration knows anything about anything. Just listen to their reactions whe the facts are made known. They didn't know. It doesn't even seem to matter that it is their job to know.



Posted by Admin Thursday, November 21, 2013 5:33:00 PM Categories: Politics

Government Shutdown, failure of leadership by Obama and Democrats 

When the President of the United States would rather inflict pain on the citizens to get his own way, rather than do the right thing, you know that he is Liberal Democrat.

And you also know that the Liberal Left, Lap Dog Press will continue to sing the Obama tune, and blame Republicans saying that they are not willing to compromise (which in Obama's mind means give me all I want) when they continue to offer to fund the Government and have reduced their demands on Obama Care..

Nobody who loves his country, should risk shutting the Government down.

But Obama is willing to do it, for two reasons:

First; He doesn't care about America. He only loves power, and he loves being coddled by the Liberal Press.

Secondly, He thinks he is above everyone else, smarter, more powerful, and more empowered.

After all, he fooled the American public twice!

So, he will risk the Government shutdown, and worse yet, he will push his absolute, no compromise strategy right into the Debt Ceiling debates.

And with that attitude, a default on our debt is almost unavoidable.



Posted by Admin Friday, October 04, 2013 3:14:00 PM Categories: Politics

Is anyone else tired of the Lies and Deception 

Every time a politician is accused of some wrong doing, either wrong by commission, or wrong by their failing to do their job, the response is always the same:

They say, I didn't know! Or it isn't my fault. Or simply, I didn't think.

And they really don't think:

They don't think it is wrong.

They don't think it will hurt anyone.

But above all; They didn't think they would get caught.


Posted by Admin Saturday, June 01, 2013 3:37:00 PM Categories: Politics
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